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NEW SwimFast PRO Ergometer


SwimFast Ergometer

The SwimFast Ergometer – is an “Ergometer” based swim and exercise station – not simply a rope and bungee system. An air-braked flywheel providing variable levels of resistance mirroring real water action, catch and feel.

A whole range of strokes can be performed on the SwimFast Ergometer. In addition to swim stroke specific movements. SwimFast Ergometer can also be considered a ballistic exercise station – allowing a whole range of alternate strengthening movements and exercises.

Learn more about the SwimFast’s unique features here. Upgrade features include: Halo Swim Trainer Template, Full Hand Paddle Grips
SwimFast Dimensions can be found on the Safety Page

SwimFast Ergometer - Basic

Low humidity environment use without Console

$1,895 USD + shipping
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SwimFast Ergometer - Standard

Low humidity environment use with Console

$1,980 USD + shipping
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Stainless steel and "tropicalized console"

+ $100
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SwimFast Pro Ergometer

Low humidity environment use with Console
Adjustable width and length arms to accommodate all different width specific strokes.
Return to base tensioned rotational bench.
Adjustable length double leg support.
E-Z adjust Extendable length bench.
Folding compactable and storable design.

$2,315 USD + shipping
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