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The WindSurf Ergo by KayakPro fulfills the long-awaited need to be able to develop sport specific strength for windsurfing.
WindSurf Ergo's unique ability to be able to harness the dual strength requirement of both board and leg stability (or rather instability) and the need for upper body strength that is gained "in harmony" with board instability, makes the WindSurf Ergo a must-have WindSurf conditioning excercise station.
Too much training time can be lost in the cold off-season, twinned with the discomfort of spending too much time in cold water; all dampens the desire to gain integrated strength improvements - achievable with WindSurf Ergo. Cross training surely leads to localized strength improvements - but wouldn't you rather have the ability to combine the integrated movements and the conditioning that is really needed?
Used by National and Olympic Teams as part of their winter and off- season conditioning program, WindSurf Ergo users are able to maximize summertime racing performance.
The need to be able to "pump" one's sail as per International Sailing Federation rule 42, introduced in 1992, adds the necessity to increase strength in this specific area in order to be able to remain competitive in all conditions-wind or no wind.
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