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SwimFast PRO Ergometer

The SwimFast Pro Ergometer – is an "Ergometer" based swim and exercise station – not simply a rope and bungee system. An air-braked flywheel providing variable levels of resistance mirroring real water action, catch and feel.

A whole range of strokes can be performed on the SwimFast Ergometer. In addition to swim stroke specific movements. SwimFast Ergometer can also be considered a ballistic exercise station – allowing a whole range of alternate strengthening movements and exercises.

SwimFast Pro Ergometer
Adjustable Ergometer includes Stainless steel and "tropicalized console"

€1,995 EUR + shipping

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Halo™ Swim Trainer Template

Your SwimFast can be fitted with a patented Halo™ swim trainer template, in collaboration with our good friends at Halo Trainer. The Halo ™ Template ensures that the athlete uses a High elbow catch (sometimes called EVF - early vertical forearm). This is a crucial technique to middle and long distance freestyle swimming. For maximum training effect, It is critically important that when swim training the arm and shoulder action replicates as closely as possible the arm and shoulder action used in the water.

For Halo™ sizing click here.

€75 EUR + shipping

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Full Hand Paddle Grips

Your SwimFast comes with a simple standard hand grip.

There is an optional upgrade to the full hand paddle as illustrated here.

€55 EUR + shipping

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