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KayakPro Kayak, Canoe, Dragonboat, Outrigger and SkiFast Ergometers are used by Para Athletes and Breast Cancer survivors in all parts of the world to allow disabled and recovering athletes and survives to pursue their dreams and goals of competition, rehabilitation and path to wellness. Abundant and conclusive case study evidence has demonstrated and inextricable link from sport specific repeated motion to improved heath and wellness.

Rehabilitation units specializing in post-traumatic rehabilitation of war and conflict injured veterans, accident and genetic related Para Athletes are able to not only carve a path to quicker recovery and improved health, but also to develop skill specific, targeted direction towards Kayaking, Canoeing and the freedom that this sport also allows.


Multiple studies [Including Studies done by Anna Bjerkefors, of the Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences, GIH, Department of Sport and Health Sciences, Laboratory for Biomechanics and Motor Control. Click here to view reference documents] have almost unanimously shown, that in addition to the - not to be underestimated - Psycho- logical improvements that are derived, that the use of Kayak and Canoe ergometers as part of a rehabilitation and post-rehabilitated exercise regimen leads to an improved recovery, to improved thoracic, postural, arm and shoulder stability strength improvement.


Our SpeedStroke Kayak, Multistroke and SkiFast Ski Ergometers allow replication of the Kayaking, Canoeing, Skiing shoulder and arm action in a safe and controlled environment, minimizing instability of the work platform but yet allowing motor skill development, strength building and paddling or arm and shoulder specific co-ordination and improvements to be made. Upgrades of our Ergometers which allow their application in rehabilitation can be further made by the introduction of 2 upgradable seats for Para Athletes.

Comfort Seat

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The "Comfort" seat is a multipurpose, wider, deeper, yet customizable, more supportive seat that can be individualized and adapted to better suit the support preferences of both Para Athletes and recreational athletes alike. The standard racing seat on our Ergometers is sometimes just too small!

It offers Para Athletes with lower body disabilities [T and A athletes] hip, leg, and greater pelvic support, in order to provide a more stable work platform from which to exercise using our Ergometers.

Pressure relieving gel pads can be affixed to the seat, as can high density customized foam inserts, in order to achieve a snug and supportive fit.

Sometimes it is simply not possible to be on the water due to time, accessibility, support and assistance constraints, so our comfort seat fixed to our Va’a and Kayak Ergometers allows you to not miss a single training session.   

The "Comfort" seat:

  • Is fully interchangeable with our standard
    Ergometer seats on both our Va'a [outrigger]
    and Kayak Ergometers.
  • It Reduces pressure points due to greater
    contact area. Reducing the incidence of sores.
  • Allows athlete centralization within the seat.
  • Greater Stability
  • Easier on - off platform

The comfort seat comes in 2 options:

Low Back

$295 USD + shipping

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High Back

$395 USD + shipping

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