The "Comfort" seat is a multipurpose, wider,
deeper, yet customizable, more supportive seat
that can be individualized and adapted to better
suit the support preferences of both Para Athletes
and recreational athletes alike. The standard racing
seat on our Ergometers is sometimes just too small!

It offers Para Athletes with lower body disabilities
[T and A athletes] hip, leg, and greater pelvic support,
in order to provide a more stable work platform from
which to exercise using our Ergometers.

Pressure relieving gel pads can be affixed to the
seat, as can high density customized foam inserts,
in order to achieve a snug and supportive fit.

Sometimes it is simply not possible to be on the water
due to time, accessibility, support and assistance
constraints, so our comfort seat fixed to our Va’a and
Kayak Ergometers allows you to not miss a single
training session.   

The "Comfort" seat:

  • Is fully interchangeable with our standard
    Ergometer seats on both our Va'a [outrigger]
    and Kayak Ergometers.
  • It Reduces pressure points due to greater
    contact area. Reducing the incidence of sores.
  • Allows athlete centralization within the seat.
  • Greater Stability
  • Easier on - off platform

If you require greater support- coming soon is our Para Ergo Seat- [which is compatible only with our Kayak Ergometer]

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