Your SwimFast on board console can be upgraded to our Smart Bluetooth Console. This allows your SwimFast to be connected to some awesome 3rd Party KayakPro® integrated training applications.

1. Programmable Training

Take the 9-Week SwimFast improvement program challenge and increase your strength and performance – transferable to the water - Guaranteed. Bluetooth connected and using icTrainer Platform.

Improvements of up to 25% increase in performance [measured in Watts] are common and can be made in just 4 weeks of the program.

The 9-week plans below, using the structured workout program can empirically track your improvement - Bluetooth connected to your SwimFast and Trainerroad, Strava, Training Peaks, account.

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2. Virtual SwimFast Swimming

Genesis Port [Bluetooth connected] to your SwimFast ergo, can now be integrated with Hi-Res Geo-Located Swim videos. Via Kinomap you can visualize, be immersive and view real HD swim videos, fully data integrated as you “Swim” on SwimFast.

Real data and performance displayed on-screen and recorded.

Interactive visualization and motivation is at the heart of training improvement. The KayakPro SwimFast and Kinomap platform delivers this experience. Upon completion your performance and “swim” can be automatically sent to your Strava, or TraningPeak accounts.

We will be creating more inerative videos in the near future. Kinomap also allows you to “Free Swim” showing power profiles and a range of other data.


incl Console with ANT+ Heart Rate

Upgrade Options

Upgrade Smart Bluetooth console
Halo Template
Upgrade Additional pack of resistance bands
Full Palm Handles
TICKR Heart rate transmitter
Whip Kick
Half Palm Handles
Finish Brush Kit
Kinomap Annual Subscription
Kinomap Lifetime Subscription
icTrainer 12 Months Subscription

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  • Including Full on-board console with ANT+ Heart rate
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